Olio of thoughts

By Angie Many

Dear Editor:

1. I hope that Orchard City residents will vote for Jan Gage for mayor. She did a great job as a town trustee, she's energetic, sharp as a tack, and very concerned for the future of Orchard City. She has the time and the desire to work hard for our great town. Please give her your vote.

2. I urge Delta County residents to support Don Suppes for county commissioner. Don has served Orchard City as a trustee and its current mayor, and he's done a great job in both positions. He's a successful businessman and he will be an innovative and effective commissioner who will work hard for the best interests of the county. Please, vote for Suppes.

3. I was surprised at Thomas Wills' letter supporting commercial marijuana businesses in Hotchkiss. Marijuana is usually burned, which releases carbon (the main component of plants) into the atmosphere. Mr. Wills is so sure that humans are causing "climate change" that I am very surprised that he supports a product which would release more carbon in the air!

Yes, Hotchkiss, as well as every other Delta County town, needs an economic boost. The county needs that boost because too many people are disconnected from the land and fail to realize that "if it ain't grown, it's mined." People need food and "stuff," yet we are increasingly shutting down logging, mining, oil/gas extraction, farming, and ranching. We still use the products, but instead of keeping those jobs and activities in our country, which has strict environmental protection laws, we are exporting jobs by importing our food and "stuff" from countries with fewer restrictions.

We are allowing environmentalist extremists to destroy our natural resource-based economies and impoverish rural residents. But hey, man, don't worry. Just light up!

Angie Many