Orchard City rate hike is too steep, too sudden

By Gary Cape

Dear Editor:

I read in the DCI of Orchard City's doubling of water rates on March 8, just hours after the actual hearing and vote. If the town trustees had publicized their rate hike scheme well in advance and held public forums in advance of their approval vote, there would have been far more than two town residents present to object. It was disrespectful and sloppy to just drop this rate bomb on ratepayers with little or no notice. The amount of the rate hike is outrageous. Using figures in the DCI articles, a household using 30,000 gallons a month would see a typical monthly water bill double from about $48 to about $96. Ridiculous. I've never heard of any government or any business jacking up a fee or cost like that. A reasonable fee increase would be acceptable. We all understand costs rise and reserves must be built. But a doubling of water costs on the citizens is far too steep and should be rolled back.

Delta County, in another DCI article addressing landfill rate increases, is showing trash haulers the respect and courtesy they deserve by meeting with them and listening. A proposed fee hike of $13 a ton is being further analyzed. Good. Orchard City should do the same.

Gary Cape
Orchard City