Orchard City sets special meeting after official tally

By Hank Lohmeyer

Orchard City's new town board will not take up its official position until a special meeting scheduled for April 20.

According to Town Administrator Melissa Oelke, there is a 10-day gap between the April 5 election and the April 15 official determination (canvass) of the election results. As results of the election will not be made official until April 15, the new board members and mayor will not be able to take their offices at the regular scheduled April 13 town board meeting.

Therefore, a special meeting has been called for April 20 at which time the new members will take up their offices.

The Cedaredge town board, which meets on the third Thursday each month, will convene its regular April meeting on the 21st, several days following the official vote canvass. Therefore, the newly elected board members and mayor will be able to take their seats at the April 21 meeting.