Our flag deserves homage

By Gary F. Herby

Dear Editor:

In reply to Mr. Laitres, who commented on Mr. Dana Harvey's pleasure in seeing high school football players show respect for our flag. Why not? Our flag has flown for too many years now and to show proper homage to it is right. We are not honoring a piece of cloth. We are honoring the greatest nation to be put together.

Showing disrespect for the flag is totally uncalled for. These NFL players are athletes only. Were it not for their fortune to be where they are, who'd give a second look at them? I for one have stopped listening to athletes and so-called super stars of Hollywood long ago. Everybody just wants to see a football game; it's a poor platform for their demonstrations. Just look at TV ratings -- football is down.

Now, were we to put our support in whoever is in office and not be angry because your choice didn't make it, if we put our total allegiance in the current administration, I KNOW, without half of the Senate against and the other half so-so, we'd work wonders. I leave with my favorite saying: Who cares who does the job as long as it is done to our satisfaction. God bless you and God bless America.

Gary F. Herby