Owners claim dog was poisoned by meth

By Tamie Meck

Don and Vera DeGraffen-reid reported to Crawford council at the Dec. 7 meeting that their little dog was poisoned over Thanksgiving.

The DeGraffenreids, who took their dog to Houseweart Veterinary Clinic, said they believe their dog came in contact with methamphetamine while playing in their yard. Don DeGraffenreid said the vet believes the dog ingested methamphetamine.

"We want people to know what's going on, that there's so much meth in this town, and now they're starting to throw meth in people's yards," said Vera DeGraffenreid.

According to Sheriff Fred McKee, a report on the death was filed Nov. 29, but no necropsy or toxicology testing has been submitted by Houseweart. A clinic representative said Friday that no toxicology testing was done and that they don't know exactly what killed the dog.

Vera asked why the town can't have a full-time police officer in town like Somerset and other local towns. "It's scary," she said. "Next one will be a kid."

Don DeGraffenreid said a full-time officer might help, and that if people knew others were watching out for suspicious activity, they might not be so bold. Trustee John Paton has been trying to start a Neighborhood Watch program, but has received no responses after putting out a call for volunteers. "I'm still open for Neighborhood Watch," said Paton. "No charge."