Planning commission makeup to change

By Hank Lohmeyer

At its regular business meeting on Monday, the Board of County Commissioners adopted a change in makeup and representation of the county planning commission.

The Delta County Planning Commission will be expanding from seven members to nine members. The two new members will be representatives from Commissioner Districts #1 and #2.

For years, the county planning commission membership has been configured on representation from the area planning committees. It was noted earlier this year by District #2 County Commissioner Don Suppes that the APC-based regimen has resulted in Commissioner District #3 having its three APCs represented on the planning commission, but Commissioner Districts #1 and #2, with only one APC each, have only one representative on the planning commission.

The county's goal is to eventually create, through a process of attrition and appointment, a planning commission that has three members from each of the three commissioner districts.

Also at their Monday business session, the commissioners noted the official implementation of an ordinance that will permit and regulate the use of OHVs on county roads.

OHVs used for county road travel must be properly registered, licensed, and "street legal." Copies of the county ordinance that details all of the requirements and restrictions may be obtained from county administration or viewed in full at the county website.