Please ask for help

By Mary Martindale

Dear Editor:

Round and round we go. With all the help available in this county for our critters, why won't people in need ask for assistance? Maybe it is too inconvenient. Maybe they didn't know we have four dog rescues in this small county. I don't know, but another emergency situation hit CAWS Delta shelter on Friday.

The police brought in a female dog and her six five-month-old puppies. All were starving and in bad shape. The father of this litter was found dead. Space was immediately needed for these dogs and Surface Creek rescue came to CAWS' rescue by taking three of our current shelter dogs so there would be space to nurse the new charges back to health.

How can anyone allow this to happen? It is such a sad situation. Makes one cry to think about their lives before being rescued. But we can't dwell on the sadness because that is lost energy. Positive energy is needed to get these pups and their mom healthy, socialized and in good, loving homes. It will take time and with the help of the community they will survive and make great pets.

Many thanks to the Delta PD, CAWS shelter staff and Surface Creek shelter for their rescue and continuing care for our critters and let us hope that if someone needs help with their animals, they will come forth or a neighbor will inform a rescue so the suffering can get help.

Mary Martindale
CAWS Foster