Politically active student organizes voter registration assembly at DHS

By Hannah Smith

As election time rolls around there is a reminder about the importance of voting. Delta High School senior Cidney Fisk stresses this importance, especially in the youth.

"It's so important to be aware because everything you do and all the rules we follow and the societal norms we establish come from politics. It's absolutely vital for teens and young adults to know what's going on in our country and in our world, because the younger you become engaged the more likely you'll be able to understand new happenings and have long-standing involvement."

Fisk has started a Young Democrats Club within the high school, and held an assembly for the 11th and 12th graders informing them on why it is important to get involved. At the end of the assembly, anybody 16 and over was able to pre-register to vote.

"Watching my voter registration assembly come together and seeing my peers register was so gratifying. Through political involvement I feel like I have been able to make a real difference in my community."

This was very important because not many teens know that they can register before 18. Voting, regardless of age, is important because it weighs the opinion of the county/state/country as a whole. Fisk states that even if a voter was on the losing side, their vote counted. If nobody voted, there would be no democracy. By giving the citizens a vote, the country is giving the citizens a voice.

"My advice to young voters is to ignore everything you've been told previous to Election Day. Do not let your peers affect how YOU vote. Research the candidates and ballot measures and make sure you vote in a way that best represents you and your opinion."

Fisk emphasizes that voting is one of the most important thing a citizen of the United States can do whether on the state or local level. Every vote represents a voice.