Politics and friends

By Jim Timmerwilke

Dear Editor:

There have been many articles lately by people who disdain our current president. That doesn't bother me a bit. People should express their views and get them off their chest. What does bother me is when friends and neighbors turn against each other. That is wrong.

People should not blame those who voted for someone for their sorrows. Politics is politics. There will always be arguments and differences of opinion on what the federal government should do. Think about it. The president has limited power. Every four years he is up for election again and every two years one-third of the Senate and all of the House can change hands.

Since I first voted for president in 1972 there have been nine presidents elected. Four I liked, three I tolerated and two I disdained. I can live with those odds and so can you. Remember that power changes hands for a reason! Somebody has to win and somebody has to lose.

You can turn channels or mute your TV. You can avoid opinionated or judgmental people but you cannot afford to lose your friends' and neighbors' confidence and support. A good friend recently reminded me that you can never learn anything unless you shut your mouth first. Now is a good time to remember that.

Jim Timmerwilke