Progress seen along Surface Creek trail

By Hank Lohmeyer

Progress seen along Surface Creek trail | Cedaredge, Trails,

Photo by Hank Lohmeyer A new loop of groomed trail along Surface Creek will include two foot bridges across a small, dry ditch. A pedestrian bridge across the creek linking east and west has been in the plans for some time.

Progress on a new trails loop on the west side of Surface Creek includes work on two foot bridges that cross a small, dry ditch.

Stout timbers set atop concrete footers form the foundation of the structures. The public works department reported to the the town trustees last week on the project.

"The trail expansion was completed behind the animal shelter by Richard Beldon. He did an excellent job. Two small bridges will be constructed in-house by staff and I to cross the small (ditch). The large bridge over Surface Creek will come in a yet to be determined future.

"Mr. Beldon also graded the bank behind the animal shelter and expanded the trail to the dog run below. A staircase will be added at the top to assist the dog walkers and staff in the trek below."