Property owners know what's best for their land

By John A. Hotchkiss

Dear Editor:

I get so tired of reading all the damage fracking has or will cause and why it shouldn't be allowed. Another guy, a lawyer or big shot with environmental groups, has a different excuse every time he writes a letter. Last time it was because it ruins hunting and fishing. The only thing that hurts hunting is the weather. If it is hot in the fall and the feed is good up high, the elk will stay there. If the weather turns bad and it is storming, the elk will come lower. Elk can't be predicted so you never know what they will do. As for the drilling or fracking interfering with hunting, I have seen the elk grazing right near the rigs.

Jack Ferrell, (Fracking doesn't work for Delta County," Aug. 30 DCI) is not up at the wells. They have been up there 25-30 years and there has never been a large spill. In fact, on our ranch I can't think of anything that was ever a big deal. Mr. Ferrell is trying to tell the owner of property in the mountains what they should or shouldn't do with their own property. We have had property up there for over a hundred years and have never needed anyone telling us how to run our ranch, certainly not someone who doesn't know anything about drilling or fracking or how safe it has become in Colorado.

John A. Hotchkiss