Protective order against Crawford resident is denied

By Tamie Meck

Delta County Judge Sandra Miller denied the request for a permanent restraining order against Crawford resident Carl Page by the Town of Crawford.

At a hearing on Aug. 2, Miller said she could find no evidence that Page presented any threat to town employees, the Crawford Town Council, or to town clerk Cally Gallegos, who filed the original motion for a civil protection order on June 30 following a June 29 incident at Crawford Town Hall. On July 22, the court allowed a Motion to Intervene by the Town of Crawford, requested by James D. Brown with Brown & Camp, LLC. Brown & Camp partner Terry Camp represented Gallegos and the town at the hearing.

In denying the request Miller said she is not condoning the behavior of Page, and is sympathetic to Gallegos, who claimed that Page became angry, shouted, pointed his finger at her and called her a liar after she denied his request to provide contact information for town trustees. In denying the protection order, Miller asked Page to take into account the fact that he scared Gallegos in future communications with the town.

"None of those things would be considered an act or threatened act of violence," said Miller. There is a point where a person can cross over to the point of becoming a threat, said Miller. "In this case, it didn't happen."

Both parties can appeal the decision.