Proud of 4-H'ers, FFA members

By Phyllis Cotten

Dear Editor:

May I say how very refreshing it is to open the paper and see the article on FFA Week, the pictures of each chapter and their stories. A huge shout-out to the members, their parents, their advisors and teachers, all of the businesses and individuals who support agricultural education and anyone actively involved.

These youngsters, whether in FFA or 4-H, are the future of our country, as agriculture is involved in some way in everything in our country. They know the value of hard work, whether it be helping others or reaching their own goals.

Watching their national convention on RFDTV makes a person so proud. To see their joy in what they do and what they stand for; their pride in their chapter, their community, their state, their country and in themselves makes an old heart feel young and hopeful. Way to go!

Congratulations -- and thanks to the DCI.

Phyllis Cotten Cadwell