Public apology is warranted

By Katrina Yochim

Dear Editor:

Because silence is consent, this letter is written in response to the sovereign citizen story. It is very troubling that a city manager and local law enforcement would make assumptions based on their personal beliefs and then act with federal authorities to label local citizens. Federal policies and manuals have been rewritten; citizens and local officials should become familiar with how the FBI and other federal agencies now define an enemy. Words have meaning and misinterpreting can lead to unintended consequences. Destroying someone's character by labeling or name-calling is hurtful and could also be criminal.

The First Amendment secures a citizen's right to assemble. Elected officials take an oath to protect and defend the constitutionally protected rights of all citizens, not just the citizens they agree with. That's what a republic is all about. When those in charge become judge, jury and executioner...welcome to tyranny. Why was that memo even written? A public apology from the people responsible for this mishandling would be much appreciated.

Katrina Yochim