Quilt madness comes to Crossroads Assisted Living

By Press Release

The Mad Hatter quilt ladies presented a trunk show for residents at Crossroads on Thursday morning, Nov. 10. Mad Hatters wore their signature "mad" hats as quilt stories and memories were exchanged between the Mad Hats and residents.

Mad Hatters is a gathering of artisans and crafters from the new Bold Line Gallery located on 13th and Meeker off Highway 50. Bold Line is a place to buy fabric, but also a learning center for quilting and a boutique of handcrafted art and crafts.

Crossroad residents enjoyed the colors, designs and feel of the quilts. One lady shared her memory of her mother: During the 1930s, the era of the Great Depression, her mother would collect every tiny bit of fabric she could. Even squares smaller than an inch were used. Mother would then sew them together to make a quilt. She sold the quilts for $25. One time after selling one of her quilts, the kids got new shoes, the kind that actually fit!

Some quilts had words of inspiration which were read. Other quilts told a story in pictures. A three-panel quilt had a snowman and little snowmen in the sunshine; by the third panel the snowmen were melted.

A couple of gentlemen attendees were vets, and the Mad Hats honored and thanked them for their service by giving each a quilt. The vets told the stories of their service. The residents expressed a desire to help sew for vets, but many of them do not have a sewing machine. Bold Line invited them to the learning center where they can sew for vets.