Racism demands condemnation

By Robert I. Laitres

Dear Editor:

There are some things which not only require, but actually demand, condemnation just by their nature. One of those is racism. So, some of us would ask why some newspapers don't out-and-out condemn racism and those who promote it, and do it in unequivocal terms, but either avoid the issue or "beat around the bush." We can only come to one conclusion. It is either that, deep inside they believe that racists and white supremacists are right and empathize with them, or they are afraid of openly condemning them so as not to offend some of our local "white supremacists," of which we have far too many.

So today we have people with swastikas parading through the streets of our cities, the KKK preaching white supremacy and while many may say "that's terrible" and "tut-tut" about it, they are much too timid to personally do anything about it, waiting for others to do the heavy lifting. It is either that, or they see advantage to themselves by doing nothing. In other words, despite all the "brave talk" which many like to engage in, such individuals are actually cowards.

Robert I. Laitres