Raise okayed for Hotchkiss judge

By Tamie Meck

Judge Lynn French, who presides over Hotchkiss Municipal Court the second Thursday of each month, received a raise in pay from $250 per month to $400. French has presided over the court for more than 35 years. His salary comes from the police department budget. While French only holds one court session per month, Marshal Dan Miller noted that French is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. "He's also a qualified attorney, too," said Miller.

Trustee Thomas Wills made a motion to raise French's salary to $350 per month, saying that it represents a more incremental raise and that he can always come back next year and request another raise. That motion died for lack of a second, and Wills joined fellow trustees in voting in favor of the $150 per month pay increase.