Reardon is polite, professional

By Fredrick Allen

Dear Editor:

Dan Reardon is doing his job. He does not make up the regulations, just enforces the requirements of the building codes. He has inspected our two-car garage with a shop, our remodel and our master suite addition. We have known him a long time because it was a very long project. He is always thorough and if there were any problems he would always tell us what was needed to be done to pass any inspection not up to code and the reason it has to be this way. He was very courteous and helpful. We never felt threatened and took all his advice as proactive.

I would really be wary of any contractor or homeowner that would want to take any short cuts on the building codes. Fortunately we have someone who does his job professionally, so we can live safely and have peace of mind.

Fredrick Allen