Repairs scheduled for Samuel Wade Bridge

By Tamie Meck

Repairs scheduled for Samuel Wade Bridge | Paonia

Photo by Tamie Meck A recent photo of the western pier of the Samuel Wade Bridge shows how the structure is being undercut by the river. The Town of Paonia will undergo repairs and stabilization of the bridge in October.

The Town of Paonia will undergo maintenance and repairs to the Samuel Wade Bridge this fall. The bridge is located on Samuel Wade Road directly east of the Berg Harvest and the Paonia Public Library. The project involves stabilizing the bridge caissons and filling in material around the bridge piers that has washed away over the years and protects the pier and caissons.

Repairs are expected to begin in early October and take only a few days, said town administrator Ken Knight. All necessary permits have been issued. Barring any big surprises, said Knight, the town does not anticipate any closures, and any delays would likely be very short.

The town has budgeted $40,000 for the project, which from funds received from Delta County in 2010 and managed under an intergovernmental agreement. Work will be done in-house, said Knight. That saves the town a good sum of money. Since town public works director Travis Loberg has the expertise needed to oversee the project, there was no need to contract for the job.