Retail pot shops are not the answer

By Kathy McKee

Dear Editor:

The future of our valley is beginning to take a turn. I would like to add my opinion that comes from my heart, not some fancy facts. My husband and I are deeply concerned of the ballot issues concerning retail sales of pot and the related industries that it would bring to our area. Having lived here all of my life and having a great-grandfather as a mayor, three other members of my immediate family on the town council, I think I know how they would feel about this issue. With dwindling mine jobs and all the related industries losing their business, it seems we do need to find some type of industry to further this beautiful valley's interests. Retail pot shops are not the answer.

The town has done a marvelous job of updating streets, sidewalks, water treatment and so on. They have had to budget carefully and can continue to carry on and maintain this without the help of retail pot shops. We need to keep our young adults here so they can raise their families. The coal industry has been here over 100 years and there will be no comparison to what that industry has done for the area. They have supported our causes through the years as well as provided jobs for those who otherwise might leave the area. Please don't make our nice town a haven for the problems that will come with selling retail marijuana. Let those who wish to grow it legally and privately be the only ones who utilize the legalization of marijuana here. Let's be different and find a way to bring a decent industry here. Be a proud citizen and join me in voting NO on the ballot issues and most importantly get out and vote!

Kathy McKee