Roeber's roots run deep

By Ron Rowell

Dear Editor:

I have spent my entire life living in the Delta County area. During this time there have been many changes -- some good, some not so good. The past five years have been hard on many of our residents and businesses due to the slowdown in the area coal mines.

We have worked together and weathered the difficult times and have enjoyed several economic drivers that I believe will allow us to see a good future along with maintaining the lifestyle and other factors that drive us to live here. I commend many of our local governments in their efforts to keep Delta County moving forward.

I have had the pleasure of knowing the Roeber family for many years. Our kids have attended school together and for generations we and our ancestors have worked and struggled through the hard times as well as enjoying the good times.

To those who have recently moved to this area, I ask you to recognize the many reasons you picked our valley to call home. Then I hope you realize this area is the way it is because of the many generations of people who have sacrificed and worked so very hard to make it what it is.

I strongly encourage you to vote for Mark Roeber for Delta County commissioner.

Ron Rowell