Rowells have no plans to leave Paonia

By Ron and Deb Rowell

Dear Editor:

In 1981, Deb and I purchased the dry cleaners which was located on Grand Avenue in Paonia. A year later we bought the Washboard Laundry in the old Palmer Building on Second Street. Over the next 36 years we experienced a myriad of pleasures, heartaches, disappointments and successes. We also managed to raise our three kids along with the workings of our business. We often say we should have kept a journal, but we didn't. Remembering to memory always makes for a better story.

In September of 2016 we sold our property and business to Gia Fanelli. We continued to run the business for a period of transition that ended on April 30. Gia has now taken over the responsibilities. We absolutely wish her the very best in this venture. Although we had originally planned to operate the business until September 2018, Ms. Fanelli felt she was ready at this time.

Deb and I will continue running our carpet cleaning and snowplowing businesses for at least the next couple years and I plan to continue driving school bus. Contrary to what was written in last week's letter to the editor, we do not plan to move anywhere for the next couple years. We can be reached at 527-4289 or 234-4289. Basically, we are going to slow down. Let us take this opportunity to say a big heartfelt "Thank you" for the past 36+ years of loyalty and friendship. God bless all of you.

Ron and Deb Rowell