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School district sorts through assessment data

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Overall school, district and state level results from the 2017 administration of statewide assessments were shared with the Delta County School Board last week. Individual results have also been disseminated to parents.

The data is based on student assessments administered last spring. Grades 3-9 took Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) assessments in English language arts and math. Fifth, eighth and 11th graders took CMAS science assessments. And fourth and seventh graders from sampled schools took CMAS social studies assessments.

In presenting the data to the school board, Connie Vincent, district data and grants coordinator, said, "In English language arts we exceeded the state in all but two grades and if you look at those students longitudinally from year to year, they have made gains. We also have good growth in this area particularly at the middle school grades where we adopted a new aligned English program last year."

State median percentile growth is 50 percent. Only grades 4 and 6 did not meet or exceed state typical growth and the district had high growth in grades 5, 7, 8 and 9.

The school district is in year two of implementation of the Go Math! program in grades K-8, and is still experiencing some of the normal implementation gaps that occur whenever a new program is begun, Vincent said. "We continue to fall below the state both in growth and achievement although growth has improved significantly in eighth grade with algebra and geometry.

"Year two brought transition to the new standards as well as a new program, which includes teaching math not just whole group but also with small groups and partners, which has been a significant change in instructional style for that content area," Vincent said. Math coaches, described as excellent retired teachers, are being assigned to schools and will continue to align Go Math! with standards.

"Both math and English scores will be monitored at all levels throughout the year and data will be analyzed in monthly principals' meetings," Vincent said.

"Finally, we are somewhat flatlined in our science and social studies scores with fifth and 11th grade science scores exceeding state scores and eighth grade science falling one point below," Vincent said. The district's fourth graders were included in the sampling for social studies assessments.


Tenth graders for the second year took the PSAT and 11th graders for the first time took the SAT as the state's college entrance exam. The state tests are aligned to the Colorado Academic Standards and are the only common academic measurement for all students in Colorado.

Previously, all juniors took the ACT. Both the PSAT and SAT are more completely aligned to state standards, raising the bar for students. "We see that as a good thing as the whole testing system is more aligned," Vincent said. This year both freshmen and sophomores will take the PSAT.

In both assessments, district averages fell short of the state average. A total of 342 students took the PSAT, attaining an overall mean score of 924.1, compared to 947.0 for the state. The SAT was taken by 359 students, with an overall mean score of 989.8, compared to 1014.3 for the state.

"We found that the high schools which did SAT prep work as part of their curriculum had much improved scores and we will be sharing those strategies among the schools," Vincent said.

Early Reporting

A concerted effort was made to provide results more quickly, to facilitate focused instruction early in the school year.

Vincent said, "It was great getting the results before our staff development days at the school so that teachers and administration could really dig into the data and use it for planning as we begin the new school year. This year we got achievement, growth and the state totals all before school began! That made that data much more applicable than getting it later when planning has already occurred."

Individual grade and school reports can be found on SchoolView at the CDE website.

Delta county joint

school district results


2015 2016 2017 State

Grade 3 36 35 32 40

Grade 4 21 32 27 34

Grade 5 20 30 33 34

Grade 6 22 28 23 31

Grade 7 19 21 19 26

Grade 8 10 11 19 21

Algebra I 20 27 27 33

Algebra II 32 42 50 77

Geometry 26 51 48 61


2015 2016 2017 State

Grade 3 41 38 39 40

Grade 4 42 48 44 44

Grade 5 38 44 58 46

Grade 6 31 36 42 40

Grade 7 37 39 43 45

Grade 8 40 40 46 43

Grade 9 33 36 40 36


2015 2016 2017 State

Grade 5 34 35 37 35

Grade 8 27 23 30 31

Grade 11 19 26 24


2015 2016 2017 State

Grade 4 12 17 22 25

Percentage of students who met or exceeded state standards

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