Schwartz is an advocate for Delta County

By Dave Knutson

Dear Editor:

If the presidential shenanigans are burning you out, please don't get so turned off that you don't vote. We have an opportunity to vote for an energetic, inclusive, and results-oriented congress person this year -- Gail Schwartz. I have firsthand experience with Gail when she represented us as a member of the Colorado Senate. She was instrumental in getting CDOT support for building the County Line parking lot on top of Grand Mesa. Prior to her involvement, we had two skiers die in a tragic accident. Gail was a strong advocate making that giant flywheel of government work to meet critical citizen needs. Today, skiers on Grand Mesa are now parking in a lot safely away from CO 65 traffic and her influence continues as CDOT is constructing turn lanes and making further improvements.

Gail was term-limited in the Senate and I was pleasantly surprised to see her step up and campaign to represent us. I am confident she will bring a positive approach, work collaboratively to get things done, and keep her ear to the ground to ensure that government works for its citizens. Will you please consider a vote for her?

Dave Knutson