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Health care coverage is in peril

Two articles in the July 11 edition of the DCI truly encapsulate what is at stake in both the upcoming mid-term elections and the nomination for the Supreme Court. DCI profiled the owners of the Pondy.

Interesting reading

What a treat that we have a local newspaper in face of this technical age.

I was delighted with the July 11 Delta County Independent:

Paonia mayor overssteps

Mayor Stewart rose to his full glory as the king of Paonia when he ordered Chief Ferguson to evict former Trustee Watson from the last council meeting. Sadly, Chief Ferguson complied, choosing to serve the mayor's prejudice rather than the Constitution.

For the health and safety of our community

I like to use my life energy to improve the health and well being of people and our planet, so I am volunteering as a coordinator for the Colorado Rising ballot initiative that would create commonsense setbacks for neighborhood fracking from the current 500 feet to 2,500 feet. I am a mother of two young adults, nanny for five children and have worked in community health and education for 15 years.

A shovelful of propaganda

Re: Marijuana Q&A from the Delta County Sheriff's Office published in the June 20 DCI:

The only way that county ordinance 2018-01 mirrors the state law is if it is a fun house mirror.

Grateful for knowledgeable assistance

This afternoon I'm "singing the praise" for the friendly helpful owner and employees of our local Ace Hardware. I have a fairly large patch of grass in my lawn that's dead with little circles of green in it.

Crawford mayor is ignoring due process

Our Founding Fathers recognized over 200 years ago that due process of law is the foundation of democracy. The guarantee of that process can be found in the U.S 5th and 14th Amendments to our Bill of Rights which states, "No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law."

Rural Colorado needs Kerry Donovan

Our state legislature needs to be filled with people who are there to serve. Not to serve themselves or their career, but to serve the people whom they represent.

Cheap citizenship weakens America

Amid the immigration debate wrapped around the threat to national security, absent is the consideration of a more dire threat -- the declining role of responsible citizenship and its weakening of our country. Citizenship means little to most Americans because it's too cheap.

It's time to face facts

Recent reports of surge in coal production in the Appalachian coal fields. Amazing how fast a horse can run when you stop jerking on the reins.

Empty pews

There are lots of empty seats in our churches today. Christians who should be sitting in those pews are absent.

Marijuana is in keeping with our ag heritage

I have two, no three reactions, to the article "Timeline details marijuana votes and regulations" by Matt Soper (DCI, March 1). First the majority of the article is correct as it relates to the timeline of events and what occurred.

A big victory for the West

The Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule that was issued by the Obama Administration was one of the most onerous federal water and land grabs in history -- it undermined state water law and priority-based systems, inserted federal control over western water rights, and put decisions about our water in the hands of Washington bureaucrats.

Tipton urged to focus efforts on renewable energy

I am writing to ask you to withdraw your co-sponsorship and support for HR 167, Stopping EPA Overreach Act of 2017, and instead concentrate your efforts on stopping global warming by bringing renewable, non-polluting sources of energy online as quickly as possible.

Energy policy and America First

Since the OPEC oil embargo in the 1970s, America's energy policy has appropriately (though ineffectively) been focused on energy independence for decades. Now, with the fracking boom providing abundant natural gas (NG) resources plus some oil on top of it, the United States finally has the opportunity to, if not completely achieve, come close to achieving energy independence.

Politics and friends

There have been many articles lately by people who disdain our current president. That doesn't bother me a bit.

The deliberate corruption of climate science

What a travesty that the public at large has been deceived, yes deceived beyond comprehension by masterful propaganda. Unfortunately, this has been essentially a worldwide scheme backed by huge monetary gifts and orchestrated by a very successful but small number of politicians and scientists.

Ambulance service is vital to our community

There seems to be quite the debate lately regarding our local ambulance service. I was very disappointed when our community failed to vote in favor of a mill levy for the ambulance personnel.

Tipton's presence surprising; his answers familiar

Saturday I went to the town hall meeting in Paonia. Hopefully this report will be of interest to a few readers. What interested me was the following:

This is no time for complacency

I hope the public will wake up to see that the misguided Republican party agenda is to cut taxes for the wealthy and eliminate much-needed services for the public and the planet. Choosing this agenda equates to the public shooting themselves in the foot.

Tax exemption should be transferable

I'm responding to your article (Feb. 15) "Seniors, disabled vets eligible for property tax exemption." One problem -- even if you have lived in and owned your home for 10 years you can NOT transfer that exemption to a new or different home.

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