Selfless acts of sharing make wonderful story

By Cami Bair

Dear Editor:

Your wonderful article on the "Loving Spoonfuls" program gave me great joy (B1, Aug. 26 DCI). The commitment that Ms. Jeanne Gatto had in her idea to put locally produced food to good use, to bring people together in a completely selfless act of sharing, and the teamwork that Ms. Grace MacGregor, her sisters Laura and Leah, and Gary Handschumacher and Joe McNally have sustained, in this endeavor -- what an expression of faith in humanity! I'm American, but grew up in England. This common human decency and openness to one another is what made me come to America. This is what gives our valley inner beauty, to match the physical beauty that God has blessed us with. Thank you for such lovely, worthwhile news!

Cami Bair