Senior Hikers trek Book Cliff trails to see horses

By Press Release

Members of the Senior Hikers went on an outing recently with George Decker, a rancher and a member of the Chipeta Chapter of the Colorado Archaeological Society, to the Book Cliffs to see the wild horses.

Decker lead the group to a sharpening site where prehistoric people sharpened their stone tools.

The group then searched for bands of the wild horses and saw several animals, some at a distance and some very close.

The scenery in the Book Cliffs is gorgeous, full of scrub oak, piƱon and juniper. George Decker grew up in this area and has worked with the BLM to locate and round up the horses.

The group generally hikes on Wednesdays and has other seasonal activities such as skiing on the Grand Mesa. Anyone interested in joining the Senior Hikers on their outing adventures in western Colorado and eastern Utah's great scenery can call Jude Kieca at 856-7331.