Sewer plant is halfway built

By Hank Lohmeyer

Sewer plant is halfway built | Cedaredge, sewer,

Photo by Hank Lohmeyer A lot of the work on Cedaredge's half-finished sewer plant is underground in the huge concrete batch reactor tanks. Project officials say the new mechanical portion of the plant will be fully online and operating by July. Size scal

Work crews with Moltz Construction of Salida had reached the halfway mark last week building Cedaredge's new mechanical sewer treatment plant.

Project administrators and town officials say that the new mechanical plant will be completed and running online by next July. The project is "slightly above budget and on time," reported staff of the project engineering firm JVA to a group of town officials who toured the project site last week. The work is currently within 5 percent of its budgeted amount, he said.

When the new mechanical sewage treatment works are installed and running, there will still be more to do for completion of rehabilitation of the town's sewage treatment lagoons. According to engineering documents, the two lagoon containment areas that have been the town's wastewater treatment system for 30 years will be reworked and put back into use sludge holding ponds.

Town officials told the DCI that the project total completion date including submission of all required grants paperwork and adminstrative tasks is the final day of this year.