Shelter board recognized for volunteer work

By The Shelter Shoppe

Shelter board recognized for volunteer work | Cedaredge, Shelter Shoppe, volunteer

Photo submitted ​Shown left to right are animal shelter board members Diane Tayir, Bruce Joss, Jacki Dapkus, Larry Dumler, Susan Dumler, Deb Fairchild, Carol Kincaid and Ann Bristol.

As volunteers of the month for June, the Surface Creek Animals Shelter Board Members are being named volunteers of the month.

The Surface Creek Animal Shelter in Cedaredge opened the Shelter Shoppe, 290 North Grand Mesa Drive, in March of 2010. The members of the Board of the Friends of Cedaredge Animal Control (FCAC, also known as The Surface Creek Animal Shelter) were many of those folks who organized this project.

The Shoppe was opened to help fund the animal shelter, and once the city turned over the entire operation to the FCAC, there were no more city funds helping to keep the shelter going. The FCAC now has the entire burden, financially and otherwise of housing and caring for the local homeless animals.

The board is now working hard not only to continue to support the Shelter Shoppe but to build a new physical shelter -- one that does not have holes in the floor as the current building does. Board members organize fund raising events each year. Additionally, the board has applied for grants to help support the building fund. At this writing, the building fund needs another $50,000 to meet its goal and to be able to start construction on the new facility.

The Shelter Shoppe volunteers also support the building fund with various fundraisers, but the profits from the Shoppe go primarily to the daily maintenance of the shelter.

Board members frequently assist at the Shoppe on such things as maintenance, yard upkeep, etc. Most recently the Shelter Shoppe owes thanks to Jacki and Dave Dapkus who have undertaken yard duties for the summer. We also especially thank Jim Allen and Larry Dumler for their help in getting the swamp cooler going.

The board members and the Shelter Shoppe volunteers have one goal in mind -- the care and support of the homeless animals in the Cedaredge area. Because the board does so much for the Shelter and for the Shoppe, the volunteers of the Shelter Shoppe wanted to thank them for their help by honoring them collectively as our volunteer of the month for June 2017.

Board members are Larry and Susan Dumler, Deb Fairchild, Jacki Dapkus, Barbara Allen, Ann Bristol, Cathy Crenshaw, Marj Jonson, Bruce Joss, Carol Kincaid, Judy Overdorf, Bruce Stanley and Diana Tayir. A bit "thank you" is owing all the help in making our shelter one of the best in the state of Colorado, and for giving all our little homeless friends the opportunity for a forever home.