Smith will miss 'awesome' schools

By Press Release

Tammy Smith was elected to the Delta County School Board in November 2009. While her three children were in school, she dedicated her time and energy as a volunteer and high school coach. In addition, she served on the District Accountability Committee for 15 years, the last seven as president.

She reflected on the past eight years, saying, "I will miss spending time in schools and visiting with staff. The experience has made me grow as a person in so many ways. My time spent with the teachers and admin of Delta County reminds me how extremely awesome our schools are. We have so many talented teachers that are in the trenches with our children every day in every community and know they will do whatever is asked to make their students successful. I have had many opportunities to visit with students in the classroom K-12 and believe that we have so many talented young men and women that will go on to do great things in their lives.

"My advice to the new board is to remember to always make decisions that are good for all students and to remember we are a unique District of five communities that are all an important part of what makes us a success. Be thoughtful and continue to work together to make Delta County the best it can be."