Sorry to lose Steve Glammeyer

By Alan Metcalfe

Dear Editor:

Of all the individuals to lose from City of Delta payroll, the last I could wish would be Steve Glammeyer. I have had occasion over the years to work with any number of the city's staff. In the most recent past I've talked with city workers who were anything but forthright in their dealings with a questioning citizen. Whether relating to construction of the city bypass and eminent domain, maintaining a golf course for a few at the expense of many, annexations of land into the city without notification to residents (under the guise of an "emergency" ordinance), these are just some of the matters with which my inquiries were met with stonewalling -- that is, vagueness and deception.

On a few occasions I turned to Steve Glammeyer, whom I've known for a number of years, for answers to my questions about specific city operations. Not once did I ever find him to be less than candid, and am most certain that Steve never lied or tried to deceive me. The City of Fort Morgan is fortunate to employ this gentleman of good character and dedication to his work. Steve leaves behind an organization which I find has an unfortunate scarcity of those better qualities. I will miss his honesty and utter lack of guile. I wish him and Kim God's blessings.

Alan Metcalfe