Special meeting called to look at town services

By Tamie Meck

Special meeting called to look at town services | Paonia

Photo by Tamie Meck Workers for the Town of Paonia collect trash Monday after Halloween weekend. Town trustees will hold a special meeting on Thursday to discuss proposed revisions to the water, sewer and trash ordinances.

With the 2016 budget deadline fast approaching, the Town of Paonia has scheduled a special meeting to discuss proposed revisions to its water, sewer and trash ordinances, beginning at 7 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 5 at Paonia Town Hall.

While the meeting will focus on the specifics of the ordinances, current rates will be part of the discussion.

In September, trustees adopted a resolution establishing amending the town's fee schedule, which updated fees and fines, some of which hadn't been updated in up to 40 years. It was the first official fee schedule adopted by the town.

The last fee increase to trash services was in 2007. Current rates, according to the town website, are $12 monthly for weekly pickup of one 33-gallon can; $15/month for weekly pickup of up to three 33-gallon cans; $22/month for weekly pickup of up to five 33-gallon cans. For dumpster pickup, cost is $30/month for weekly pickup of a 2-cubic-yard dumpster, and $32/month for weekly pickup of a 3-yard dumpster.

Other charges for additional trash cans, pickup more than one time per week, and additional items such as tires, electronics and appliances are extra, depending on frequency of service and items discarded.

Base water rates, which were increased by $5 per tap in 2014 to cover service of mandated loans for ongoing improvement projects, are $21 per month for in-town users, and $27 for those living out of town limits, plus additional charges based on a per-thousand-gallons-used schedule. Per-thousand-gallon fees increase with usage.

Sewer rates were last increased in 2005. Current rates per tap are $26 monthly for in-town residents, $44 for out-of-town residents, and $52 per month for restaurants, beauty shops and other businesses.