Stagger Delta's traffic lights

By Ginny Warner

Dear Editor:

Following months of letters and complaints regarding the heavy commercial traffic continuing to make Main Street a very noisy and uncomfortable place to shop and socialize, I can't understand why something hasn't been done with regard to the traffic light pattern. As someone with friends who drive big rigs I have heard the one thing that will make the drivers choose the bypass is having to constantly stop and start just to get through town.

I understand there is an issue with CDOT when it comes to changing signage on the highway but surely they would have no say in our choosing to stagger our lights. Imagine what a pleasure it would be to walk, window-shop or sit at a table on the sidewalk on a nice afternoon if you didn't have to shout to be heard over the roar of the trucks? Imagine how folks passing through the area might be inclined to pull over and visit one of our many great stores and restaurants on Main Street if they were slowed by the lights and had a chance to actually see some of these establishments.

As it stands now, I think most people rush from one end of Main to the other just to avoid getting caught between the big rigs and various vehicles towing trailers with everything from livestock to sport vehicles. There really is no need for any of this traffic to be on our Main Street. Please, Delta, give changing to traffic light pattern a chance to preserve the beauty of our downtown and the pleasure of visiting it.

Ginny Warner