Step up and vote yes for DCAD

By Floyd Reed

Dear Editor:

Once again, I find myself writing a letter to the editor to encourage local residents to vote in favor of a mill levy increase to help pay for the operation of the Delta County Ambulance District (DCAD). Nothing much has changed since my letter of last year, except that the DCAD is struggling even harder to maintain reliable service to our community.

Here is my two cents worth (which is mostly what I wrote prior to last year's election):

1. If we don't take responsibility for our own local community, who will?

2. When you need an ambulance, you need it RIGHT NOW, not a half hour later.

3. When you vote for a special district mill levy, you can be assured the money goes directly to that district. It doesn't disappear into the ether to be used for somebody's obscure pet project.

I want to assure my fellow citizens of Delta County that I do not like paying taxes any more than the next guy, but this is a case where we have reached the breaking point and it is time for all of us to step forward and insure that our ambulance service continues to meet the needs of all of us.

Floyd Reed