Stepping up to serve

By Genevieve Novinger

Dear Editor:

In response to Kathy Svenson's letter, I am stepping up as a school board candidate. I made my decision to become a candidate in early March, and since then I have attended school board meetings, visited schools and with teachers and principals, and listened to voters. There are many issues facing the school board not only from the school district perspective, but from the voters perspective. I'm willing to work hard and not only listen to the voters, but also listen to our teachers, staff members and administrators in order to address these issues head on.

As a parent of a kindergartner and a third generation Delta County graduate, I care about our local values, and our local education. I believe I bring a unique perspective to our school board, in that I'm ready to protect our local programs as well as bring fresh ideas to our district. Education is the most important thing we can give to our kids. As a school board member, I'm willing to make our schools great. Great schools bring people to the area and are directly related to a solid local economy. I'm truly excited to be running for the school board and ask for your support. Please contact me at novingerforschools@, or visit my website at

Genevieve Novinger Delta