Still good people out there

By Helen Curtis

Dear Editor:

On Jan. 6 when we had that big snowstorm, I was going to work around 1 p.m. I came up 1550 Road to the highway and got stuck. I could not move.

Next thing I know a little white car coming to Delta pulled off the highway and asked if I was stuck. He got out and pushed me onto the highway. I did not get time to properly thank him. He said he saw that I was having trouble. What I got from that is they were headed out of Delta to Grand Junction, saw my trouble and turned around and came back to help.

I want this young couple to know how grateful I am for their help that day.

I work at the motel on the corner and when I pulled in to go to work, a pickup truck pulled in behind me. It was our new neighbor, Vicki, asking if I was okay. She saw the young couple turn around to help me. I want to thank those who helped and worried about me. I am so grateful there are still good people out there. God bless all of them.

Helen Curtis