Stop USFS clearcutting

By Dick Artley

Dear Editor:

If you go to the Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre and Gunnison National Forests for recreation, do so now while your visit will still be enjoyable. Forest supervisor Scott Armentrout has proposed a timber sale that will log 93.7 square miles. Much of it will be clearcut with many of the clearcuts to exceed the U.S. Forest Service maximum size limit of 40 acres. Critical habitat for the Canadian lynx (listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act) will be clearcut.

Incredibly, Supervisor Armentrout will construct 320 miles of new sediment-producing logging road ... the approximate distance between Denver and Buffalo, Wyo. Buffalo, Wyo., is just 47 miles from the southern border of Montana. Most areas of the forest will be affected.

This will trash the scenery and result in the rivers and streams running brown with mud.

Please comment on this atrocity by July 31 to establish standing for court action. The draft Environmental Impact Statement is posted online and available hard copy by calling Scott Williams at (760) 382-7371.

Dick Artley
Grangeville, Idaho