Student art showcased at the AppleShed

By Pat Sunderland

The Delta County Student Art Show is now on display at the AppleShed Gallery in Cedaredge. This year, the show was expanded to include art from district elementary and middle schools. The pieces were not judged, said organizer Jamie Roeber, but illustrate that "Art matters across the district."

During an opening reception on April 7, Roeber shared comments from the judge, Suzie Garner, head of the art department at Colorado Mesa University.

"I was so impressed with the quality of work from each of the four schools represented in the exhibit," Garner said. "There is a diverse array of media and applications. from the jackalope to the craftsmanship behind the origami swans. I hope each of the students in this display will continue to pursue their creative endeavors and push their artwork to the next level of excellence."

Roeber added some advice of her own. "Remember not just the artwork you make but the lessons you learn in making them -- the creative problem solving, the collaboration with your fellow art students. The skills you learn in the art world carry throughout everything so take that with you as you go on to your next endeavors."

David Kuta, who teaches K-12 art in Paonia, said students should not be disappointed if they didn't win, but should learn from the experience.

"You might disagree with some of the judging, but try to figure out why she judged the way she did. Was it the composition, the technique? You might be disappointed if you didn't win something, but keep working at it. Keep thinking art."

Best of Show honors went to Jesus Macias and Caitlyn Littlefield for a "Swanabe Friends?" and to Megan Strong for an elegant silver necklace. All are students of Jamie Roeber at Hotchkiss High School.

Other winners:

Photography -- Malane Osteen, DHS, first; Emalee Brooks, CHS, second; Roggen Frick, HHS, third; Julia Jackson, CHS, honorable mention.

Acrylic -- Morgan Hamm, DHS, first; Lexee Wilson, CHS, second; Jay Hicky, third; Elena Hierman, PHS, Christina Caballero, DHS, Cory West, HHS, honorable mentions.

Photoshop -- Emalee Brooks, CHS, first; Roggen Frick, HHS, second; Gabe Rodriguez, third and honorable mention.

Oil pastel -- Liz Robb, DHS, first; Marlene Fuentes, DHS, second; Macy O'Rourke, PHS, third; Jaquelin Mora, PHS, honorable mention.

Chalk pastel -- Azalee Hoffbauer, CHS, first; Jaycie Duncan, HHS, second; Jesus Macias, HHS, third; Jacob Stucker, HHS, honorable mention.

Drawing (realistic) --Lexee Wilson, CHS, first; Grace Hatheway, CHS, second; Brian Wagner, DHS, third; Adriana Huerta, DHS, honorable mention.

Drawing (abstract) -- Lucy Streich, DHS, first; Dana Keil, HHS, second; Brook Hogan, CHS, third; Dana Keli, HHS, honorable mention.

Watercolor -- Julia Jackson, CHS, first; Elena Niermann, PHS, second; Taylor West, HHS, third; Caitlyn Littlefield, honorable mention.

Multi-media -- Colton Hall, HHS, first; Taniall Scroggins, CHS, second; Julia Jackson, CHS, third; Dalia Alejandre, CHS, honorable mention.

Pen and ink -- Lee Shafer, HHS, first; Jesus Macia, HHS, second; Jaren Oates, HHS, third; Shelby Wilson, DHS, honorable mention.

Charcoal -- Liz Robb, DHS; Jeneve Rose Mitchell, HHS, second; Julia Jackson, CHS, third; Alyssa Marker, DHS, fourth.


Ceramic -- Courtney Mattler, HHS, first.

Crafts -- Jesus Macias and Caitlyn Littlefield, HHS, first; Ocean Beagholtz, DHS, second; Aaron Good, CHS, third.

Jewelry -- Megan Strong, HHS, first; Teagan Summer, second; Megan Strong, HHS, third and honorable mention.

Sculpture -- Jessica Scanlon, HHS, first; Kaylee Ranker, DHS, second; Jaren Oates, HHS, third; Colton Hall, HHS, honorable mention.

String art -- Kaitlyn Snow, DHS, first; Peter Carlson, CHS, second; Hunter Hughes, DHS, third; Nathan Hermes, DHS, honorable mention.

Metal tooling -- Carson Collins, HHS; Dakota Buchheim, HHS, second; Mikayla Burnett, HHS, third; Chandler Widnar, HHS, honorable mention.