Superintendent exceeds school board's expectations

By Pat Sunderland

The Delta County School Board recently completed its annual evaluation of superintendent Caryn Gibson. The board's written evaluation finds Gibson "is very competent and exceeds expectations in all areas evaluated."

Areas of evaluation included relationship with the board; community relations; superintendent/staff relations; business and finance; achievement of goals; educational leadership; and personal qualities.

Board members noted Gibson has surrounded herself with a strong administrative team and allows them to offer advice and recommendations. As new programs are implemented, communication with staff is critical to assure they don't feel overwhelmed. Communication with the school board was also stressed, so board members can ensure the best decisions are made in regard to curriculum for students in all communities.

Communication with local businesses and organizations is solid, but the school board urged Gibson to continue to broaden her communication with teachers, parents, senior citizens and the community in general to ensure staff trust and parental and community involvement when needed.

The evaluation notes that Gibson continues to push the district goal of positive trends in student achievement and growth, as evidenced by realignment of district curriculum with the state's in order to make it more stringent. The board recommended Gibson continue to work with all buildings to assure unification of curriculum, goals and careful planning for the long term.

In the area of personal qualities, the evaluation noted, "Mrs. Gibson is a people person and has a great sense of humor, is honest, and demonstrates high standards of integrity. We feel she is positive, hardworking and genuinely cares for staff.

"In overview, our district is made of five different and unique communities. Each community has varied demographics which creates additional challenges for leadership. Continued communication by Mrs. Gibson, with the board, teachers, staff and community will go a long way in ensuring we continue to grow, achieve and be a school district with high achievement and growth of which we can all be proud."

Gibson joined the staff of Delta County Joint School District #50 as a high school business teacher in 1990.

As superintendent, she oversees a $48 million budget and 600 employees at 26 instructional sites.