Supplemental budget approved

By Annette Brand

Delta County Commissioners passed a supplemental budget for 2017 at their Dec. 18 meeting. The supplemental budget addresses circumstances not foreseen at the time the 2017 budget was adopted.

The Fairgrounds Fund was increased by $15,000 to cover unexpected power repair for the covered arena, increasing the fund from $110,250 to $125,250.

The Lodging Tax-Tourism Fund was increased by $25,000 to cover additional direct advertising and grant related expenses. The Lodging Tax-Tourism Fund budget increased from $64,200 to $89,200.

The Contingency Fund was increased from $8,037 to $58,037 by the transfer of Secure Rural Schools Title III funds in the amount of $50,000.

An additional CCI Public Lands contribution increased the PILT Fund budget by $1,000, increasing its budget amount from $613,000 to $614,000.

The Human Services Fund increased from $3,915,805 to $3,965,805 because of additional Medicaid transportation expenses of $50,000.

The Self Insurance Fund was increased from $35,000 to $85,000 to cover unexpected damage to the health department building which is projected to cost $50,000.

The additional amounts required to balance the 2017 budget were appropriated from either unanticipated revenue in that fund and/or unappropriated revenue in that fund.