Support for Hostetlers appreciated

By Barbara Hulet

Dear Editor:

Back in time I wrote to the editor about the Farm Bureau's support of the Hostetler family. Today another thank you goes out to the Delta County Livestock Association. They were generous in helping the Hostetler family with a $1,000 donation toward the huge bill that was accrued as the Hostetler family battled for their right to farm and own a chicken house on their property and others' right to farm, as well.

The Delta County Livestock Association has about 150 members. Their primary focus is for those that have livestock interests. They offer scholarships to graduates from agriculture families who have an interest in agriculture majors.

I don't have contact information for this organization but wanted to thank them and let agriculture families know this organization exists and to thank them again for their generosity to the Hostetler family.

Barbara Hulet