Taxes will go down, not up

By John F. Austin

Dear Editor:

A letter printed in this newspaper, Oct. 26 date, written jointly by a seriously misinformed group, 13 persons altogether, is just too much.

None of the predicted outcomes are likely to take place to anything like the extent predicted by their letter. Oil and gas drillers in this day and age can and do conduct operations with very little intrusion on the surroundings. For starters, witness that the city of Los Angeles has hundreds of oilwells scattered around town, and most residents don't even know it. For instance, wells are located on the Los Angeles International Airport and MGM studio lot. The same situation is found in various domestic operations elsewhere, so what are the chances that the proposed development will create anything like what is stated in this letter? In particular, the comment that taxes will have to go up. On the contrary, a significant reduction can be expected due to taxes the county will garner from oil and gas production, plus additional sales tax collections due to an expanding economy.

John F. Austin