Teens deserve a pat on the back

By Pat DeMoss

Dear Editor:

I've never written before but thought it might be a good time.

Recently in Hotchkiss, a father, husband and great friend was hurt very seriously. His children went to the Paonia school. The kids had a bake sale for this friend and it was awesome to see these teens (high schoolers) do this almost on their own. They raised a very substantial amount of money for Mike Hillman and his family.

It was heartwarming to me to see the kids do this. We have the best kids here in this small area and they need to be patted on the back for a job well done.

I will say that people from Hotchkiss, Paonia and Crawford all came together. They brought baked goods and donated. God bless these small towns. They are here when we need them, and so are our children.

Please pray for Mike and his family.

Pat DeMoss