Temporary homes needed for cats

By Hank Lohmeyer

Temporary homes needed for cats | Cedaredge, Animal Shelter,

Photo submitted BC is one of the senior cats needing a temporary home while construction on the shelter takes place.

It's not exactly Dunkirk, but the Surface Creek Animal Shelter is running a rescue operation for its four or five senior cats as construction is set to begin on the new replacement shelter facility.

Jacki Dapkus told the DCI last week that the shelter still had "four or five" of the cats that need a temporary home during the estimated three to four months of new shelter construction.

"We have found no homes for them as yet," Dapkus said. "All that [the cats] need is a little space and love. The shelter will provide all food and any medical care required." She added that if kennels for the cats are needed by their temporary adoptive owners, the kennels can be provided by the shelter.

"They are friendly little kitties that love to sit on laps. And, they are looking for new permanent adopted homes, too," Dapkus said.

Anyone interested in helping with the Surface Creek Shelter senior cat temporary rescue may call the shelter at 856-2346.