Thanks for refusing to sign anti-fracking petitions

By Mike Roberts

Dear Editor:

Thank you to everyone who refused to sign proposed ballot initiatives #75 and #78. Despite the hundreds of petitioners out in force throughout the state over the past couple of months the "anti-fracking movement" was unable to collect enough signatures to get their anti-fracking initiatives on the November ballot. Both initiatives would have added even more limitations on an already struggling oil and natural gas industry in Colorado. We already have some of the toughest oil and gas regulations in the nation. These additional rules are not needed and by the lack of credible signatures collected, it's obvious they are not wanted by the people of this great state.

The "anti-fracking movement" often tries to wordsmith these proposed ballot initiatives to sneak them by an unsuspecting public -- a tactic that has worked in the past, but hit a road-block this time around. However, it now appears that their deceitful ways didn't end there. What is not shocking, but very disappointing is that the petition processing team has potentially identified some of the signatures collected as forged, prompting an investigation by the attorney general's office. If they're willing to break the law in an effort to get their way, imagine what else they might be capable of as they try to manipulate the facts and you.

Mike Roberts