Thanks for the hospitality

By Ashley Hall

Dear Editor:

On behalf of the Old Spanish Trail Association, may I express our deep appreciation to all of the wonderful friendly people who hosted us in both Grand Junction and Delta during our recent Old Spanish Trail annual conference!

Vicki Felmlee, Colorado state director for the Old Spanish Trail Association and her crew who organized the annual conference, along with Chris Miller and crew at Fort Uncompahgre and the Museum of Western Colorado, all deserve special recognition for their outstanding efforts.

We also wish to thank the Colorado and Utah BLM offices and the NPS office from Santa Fe for their cooperation and support of our efforts to preserve, protect and interpret the Old Spanish Trail!

Spending time on the trail with well over 100 of the best people from Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah and California and other parts of the country was an experience of a lifetime!

We enjoyed your hospitality, your food and your peaches.

Thank you again and happy trails to all of you!

Ashley Hall
Old Spanish Trail Association

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