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The perfect lie

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Dear Editor:

Several times in world history a simple lie has been widely accepted with earth-shaking results. The flat earth lie is one example. Today we have a widely accepted lie that human activity is causing an unbalance in atmospheric carbon dioxide which in turn results in drastic climate change.

First of all, it must be pointed out, carbon dioxide holds a very unique position in the makeup of earth's atmosphere. Although carbon dioxide amounts to only 0.03 percent by volume, compared to oxygen's 21.0 percent by volume, ALL LIFE on earth requires carbon dioxide. By photosynthesis, all green plants convert carbon dioxide and water into leaves, grass, etc. That raises the question, Why isn't the supply of carbon dioxide diminished? Very simply, when plants die, they fall to the earth and eventually decompose, generating carbon dioxide in the process. Nature is extremely clever.

Animal life, such as human, also contributes to the carbon dioxide supply. We breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Plant and animal life make up a life cycle that always balances. For example, a sudden climatic event such as a volcano eruption will dump huge volumes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Plant life sees this as an increase in food supply and vegetation flourishes until a balance is reestablished. Isn't nature amazing?

All the foregoing is based on accepted scientific facts that can easily be demonstrated. The interesting thing about the global warming lie is the total lack of scientific evidence. Climate changes implied require many years of data gathering to establish a verifiable trend and the theory is not that old. I know there are computer programs that attest to the truth of the theory, but always remember, what comes out of a computer is no better than what goes in. All of which has to do with an unproven theory.

Going back to the facts, the foregoing can be reduced to four major points:

Carbon dioxide is vital to life on earth.

Carbon dioxide is a manufactured gas.

The volume of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has been relatively stable since records have been kept.

The volume of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is automatically controlled by nature.

Most important is point 4. What that means is when man attempts to manipulate the carbon dioxide balance in the atmosphere, he is opposed by nature. To me, nature is GOD. No matter what you call it, history tells us, GOD always wins.

In plain terms, this means all attempts to control carbon dioxide are exercises in futility. These efforts would merely be humorous but for the economic havoc they cause.

How long the perfect lie of global warming can survive is anyone's guess, but truth will eventually win.

Jim Andrews

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