The truth about climate change

By William H. Snyer

Dear Editor:

Please see the truth about climate change by attending the premiere of "Climate Hustle."

There has been a considerable amount of false information and pseudoscience about climate issues around the world. CFACT (Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow) has produced a truth-based movie entitled "Climate Hustle." It is being premiered at 500 theaters in the United States on May 2. Fortunately, Grand Junction was selected as one of the 500 locations where this movie is being presented. Climate Hustle will be shown at the Regal Canyon View Stadium 14 at 7 p.m. May 2. You can purchase tickets online in advance at movie or at the box office.

Please try to attend this movie and learn the facts about climate issues instead of the misinformation so prevalent today.

William H. Snyer