This country needs Trump

By Angie Many

Dear Editor:

The media's bias in favor of Hillary is well known. Hopefully, most people are too smart to let the media choose their president. Less well known is that the Clinton campaign and DNC paid people to disrupt -- often by causing fights -- Trump rallies. The Veritas Project has released videos of these "black ops" planning sessions. No surprise: such tactics are a Hillary hallmark.

The email scandal shows that Hillary is careless with national security. The Clinton Foundation scandal shows that issues matter less than donations. The deaths of our ambassador and staff in Benghazi illustrate that Hillary is incapable of handling crisis situations. I'd love to have a woman president -- but never this woman.

Trump is not a politically-correct career politician. He's a businessman who knows how to create jobs. He takes our national security seriously. He's exactly who this country needs now. Please, vote Trump-Pence.

Angie Many