Thoughts on the Cedaredge Golf Course

By Wynn Mossler

Dear Editor:

There have been several letters lately about the Cedaredge Golf Course. I'd like to add a few thoughts.

We have a beautiful course in a beautiful area and we need to do all we can to preserve it. There are fewer golfers everywhere because of the high cost of playing. We need to offer more than just regular games. First of all, we need a good restaurant. When we first moved to Cedaredge, there was a wonderful restaurant at the course -- in fact it was the best place to eat in town! We ate there often and took all our friends and family there for special occasions.

Second, they need to offer other activities. There used to be lessons for little kids in the area. All my grandsons started lessons at about 8 years of age. Is this still available? If not, maybe it could be an option. This would bring in income.

As I lived in California in the winter for many years, I'm familiar with their "putters clubs." Nearly every golf course has one of these groups for older women who don't get to play much. These people form a club with officers. They pay to join and pay each time to play, another source of income.

Larry is a good manager and pro and I'm sure he still gives lessons. Maybe this could be better advertised. We need to stir up more interest in the course so we can bring in more income.

Over the years I've played 75-85 courses in six or seven states. I've played many in the area in Cedaredge, Montrose and Grand Junction, as well. I feel our course in Cedaredge is one of the best. Let's do all we can to keep it going.

Wynn Mossler